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BRAIN STEM for Middle School Students

Monday, Aug. 2 through Friday, Aug. 5, 2021

BRAIN STEM — brilliance, resilience and achievement in STEM — is designed to provide students with experiences to develop an ability to persevere through challenges and realize academic opportunities in STEM. BRAIN STEM fosters team-oriented collaboration to work on academically enriching, motivating, and engaging tasks. Throughout the duration of the camp, students will be engaged in rich inquiry tasks, problem-based learning, STEM projects, keynotes, and team-building exercises.

Camp Objectives

Students will:

  • Collaborate as a team to complete a multi-faceted STEM project.
  • Navigate through a myriad of innate STEM-related problems.
  • Gain pertinent background scientific content knowledge and analytical skills for future related STEM classes, tasks, and competitions.
  • Identify obstacles and challenges in their lives.
  • Formulate a written plan to accomplish future identified goals and a community/global STEM initiative. Within this plan, students will identify their brilliance, resilience, and achievement.
  • Develop a presentation with their team detailing their plan and share it with their peers. Each student will contribute equally to the presentation.
  • Increase academic excellence through student engagement.


$2,300 per student

Fee includes a Fire HD 10 tablet, software, STEM kit and instructional supplies.


Camp Director
Carlos Ojeda, Jr., CEO, Cool Speak Youth Engagement Program

The CoolSpeak team is composed of a group of CoolSpeak certified, and trained, facilitators that relate to the students due to diverse mixtures of cultures, languages, geographical location, personal experiences and family backgrounds.

The team engages students by sharing personal stories, using interactive activities, and small group discussions. Through their programs, students discover and practice coping mechanisms that aid in dealing with any distractions and circumstances that may be preventing them from doing their best inside of the classroom.